Virtual Education and Training

The education 3.0 revolution (an umbrella term used by educational theorists to describe a variety of ways to integrate technology into learning) is here now, and will have a significant component which is based on our ability to create compelling 3D content. The use of 3D content in learning reduces our need to apply abstract thinking to convert information presented in 2D into a 3D mind space. Our brains work more naturally in a 3d environment which allows us to take in much more information.

<< Actions

Need your trainees to know the procedure?

Whether your procedure including opening, switching, climbing, inspecting or connecting, using VR training will increase the volume of knowledge that you trainees have and extend the time they retain it for.

Environment >>

Any site, even if it doesn't exist yet.

We can create any site that you want to train in, either photo realistic, or as a simple representation to keep the cost down and still achieve training outcomes.  The site doesn’t even need to exist yet as we can create it off the plan!

<< Analytics

Get the info to understand what is really going on.

With our analytics package, you can do full playback of what the users actually did in the training environment. This allows you to debrief as a training aid, or understand where you need to improve your training. We also provide many more analytics features such as object tracking, event tracking, objectives / compliance and individual / class reporting.

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