Virtual Display Village

Forget spending your whole day navigating show homes, walking, driving, dodging sales people, or even worse – trying to visualise your home design from lines on a page… We bring the show homes to you! When was the last time you went to a display village that only had homes refined to your preferences, or even better, could suggest your perfect home.

The Virtual Experience

This experience is based on a gaming platform, which gives you an amazing level realism in an environment that.. well.. technically doesn’t exist. You will have the spacial awareness to feel how big rooms are, stand/walk (literally walk) absolutely anywhere in the home. Warning: you may forget you are in a virtual world. In fact, it’s so immersive that most of our clients describe it as a strange feeling coming back to reality.

Teleportation allows you to walk through more homes in a shorter amount of time, and if you walk through a home you like you can easily request more information from the builder on the way out of the home. No pressure though, there are no sales people in our showhomes! Just our friendly robot Eve.

Have a busy schedule? Technology is such a great thing that we can have you standing face to face with a sales rep, inside the home, wherever you are in the world (as long as you have access to a HTC Vive). See the picture to the right of this text? >> That is our director sitting next to our project manager in Germany, our CTO took the photo with a virtual iPhone.

Want to build a custom home? We got these designs into our village by converting construction plans, so send us your plans and we can have a Virtual Home designed just for you ! Not only that, but if you want to scroll through a builders range of benchtop colours, flooring types, taps, paint colours – you guessed it, you can do that.

Don’t make the biggest investment of your life without walking through it first, Absolute VR has revolutionised the way people choose their new dream home.

This photo was taken by our CTO on a virtual iPhone, within a Virtual Home. Our project manager (Yellow) is in Germany, Our director (Red) is in Perth.

Our virtual host, Eve. Don’t worry – her microchip only let’s her ask if you are interested once!

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