Virtual Display Home

Virtual Homes allow you to understand floor plans in a natural way. Our brains are wired for 3D information, with 90% of the information we take in being visual and 30-40% of your decision making devoted to sight. Immersive technology eliminates the barriers of reality, meaning you no longer need to imagine your floor plan as you are able to not only visualize the home but literally feel the space.

With hundreds of display homes loaded into a headset, they can be conveniently taken to a location that suits you. Not only will you feel as if you are in your chosen home design, you can also scroll through pre-start and finishing items, change colors, furnish, landscape, change time of day or even add real surroundings such as views.

We eliminate all of the guess work so you can fully understand, and feel, the interior space and be totally comfortable with your new home purchase.

Visualise >>

Photo-realistic graphics

90% of the information we take in is visual, contributing to 40% of the decision making process. Virtual homes allow you to understand your home in the most natural way, a process called stereopsis which allows you to extrapolate depth perception using our stereoscopic vision.

We turn 2D plans into virtual experiences and when combined with the immersive nature of headsets, focusing our three key learning methods being visual, auditory and kinesthetic (sight, sound and movement), we allow you to feel as if you are in the real thing.

Visualize your design, feel room sizes and understand the space of your design.

<< Customise

we develop custom functions

With a strong team of software developer, game developers and 3D artists, our capability allows us to customize and create to any client needs. We enable processes which aren’t usually possible outside of a virtual experience, such as applying pre-start and finishing item selections to your home, furnishing, showing future views and surrounds, or even landscape and exterior design.
Customization can be used for both residential and commercial applications, allowing clients to venture beyond the layout and visualize and understand fine details.

Analyse >>

track body, eyes and voice sentiment

Virtual reality headsets track a number of things, including where the user looks, tone of voice, body language, as well as any interactions inside the experience related to customizing. This information can be used to predict a user’s needs and wants with exceptional accuracy, assisting and simplifying the purchasing process for both buyers and sellers.

As well as predictions, our software also creates reports such as heats maps, live replays, time tracking and many other insights only available via a virtual reality headset.

What Tools and Features are Included?

incredible tools and features that allow you to understand floor plans in a natural way.

VR Walkthrough

Walk into your Virtual Display Home and prepare to be blown away by how realistic your experience will be in VR.

Desktop Walkthrough

Experience VR Walkthrough from your desktop, for a quick and easy wonder into any of your chosen display home.

Mobile Phone Walkthrough

All of your Display Home in your potential customer’s pocket! Wherever you are, walkthrough any display home from your mobile.

Flythrough & Render

High flow movement walkthrough with extremely detailed high resolution rendering to make your VR experience ‘real’.

Tools That Will Enrich Your VR Experience

these value-add tools are only a few of what can done... The sky is the limit!

Camera Function

If customers see something that they like, the can simply activate our virtual camera and take a photo of it.

Teleport Movement

It’s super easy to navigate around the home experience with our teleport function.  Simply point the controller where you want to go then press on the big round button

Laser Pointer

When you’re in the experience with someone else, it’s super easy to point out things that you’re talking about with the laser pointer function.

Group Walkthrough

Being in Virtual Reality is about bringing people together to help them discover their dream home.  You don’t even have to be in the same location and it will feel like you’re together.

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