Let Your Imagination Fly!

Absolute VR is transforming and improving processes across a variety of industries through virtual reality technology.

Initially launched into the residential homes market, Absolute VR plans to diversify across a wide range of industries which could all benefit from such a powerful and immersive technology.


VR Display Homes

Virtual Homes allow you to understand floor plans in a more natural way. Our brains are wired for 3D information, with 90% of the information we take in being visual and 30-40% of your decision making devoted to sight. Immersive technology eliminates the barriers of reality

Education and Training

VR content delivers more effective training outcomes over other forms of contents from both time and accuracy perspectives;
• Participants take shorter time to complete tasks learned in a VR environment.
• Participants have higher completion rates to perform new tasks learned in VR environment.


Want to add something a little different to your next corporate party or event? Hire our VR headsets to kill some zombies, slice some beats or simply to chill out.
For the very intimate to the very large, VR is a great way to break the ice at your next corporate function or to run a team building exercise.
Contact us to book a unique VR experience to remember!

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