Creating 3D Assets

When it comes to creating 3D assets, we have the team to deliver projects of any size and quality requirements. For physical assets it’s very easy, we go into the property and scan 360′ images, which we give to our artists to convert into a True VR asset. This is relevant for established property sales or showcasing any property which already exists.

Starting With Physical or Off-Plan Data

If you’re property doesn’t exist yet, we have a team who understand construction plans and can translate these to our tech team. So for off-plan apartments, new home designs, land or commercial developments, we can turn your plans into reality.

Even if you don’t have plans, for example creating a virtual showroom, virtual office or customised virtual shopping space, we can work together to turn your imagination and idea’s into a plan which we can check and edit during the virtual construction process!

Where to Start?

There are a number of ways to get started, the more information we have the better service we can provide. We have a submission form to help you tell us the fine details, alternatively follow any of the methods below.

Have an accurate ArchiCad CGI file? Send us that to potentially decrease our time frames.

Already have 360 photography of the home? Send us the details along with final plans and we’ll get started right away.

Just got plans, no problem! Send us the final plans and follow through the submission form below and we’ll get it built in Virtual Reality. It doesn’t matter if it actually exists in the real world or not.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing is simple, we charge per square meter at a rate ridiculously lower than a physical show home and we charge a monthly platform fee lower than current online advertising. We can source the equipment for you to buy, or you can lease the equipment to try short term. In addition, you get advertising through our own platform for free. We use our Virtual Display Village to advertise for you and we are so confident in our platform that if you don’t get business – you don’t pay anything.

What defines the price of developing a VR experience?

The cost of a VR experience is directly proportional to the quality that is desired. To build an experience that is higher quality will take more time, and therefore cost more money. The quality of a VR experience is defined by three factors:

  1. The realism / quality of graphics,
  2. The immersion of the experience, and
  3. The combination of the two factors above.

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