Analytics and Data Gathering

When it comes to creating 3D assets, we have the team to deliver projects of any size and quality requirements. For physical assets it’s very easy, we go into the property and scan 360′ images, which we give to our artists to convert into a True VR asset. This is relevant for established property sales or showcasing any property which already exists.

Data and Intelligence Gathering

Knowledge is power. The current generation of VR training and learning experiences are exceptionally useful tools in a learning coordinators arsenal. These learning experiences provide detailed analytics about what has happened in the experience, an example of which is shown from a 3D housing experience is shown here. Our portal allows users to view a full playback of all the things that the trainee did in the environment, exactly where they went and what they looked at.

Our web portal allows you to easily change the questions that you are asking without having to engage developers to change the experience. You can see summary graphs of the results from questions as well as individual user responses.

We appreciate that organisations have learning management or employee records management systems in place. All the training data can also be integrated into your training or learning management systems, or simply exported straight from our portal.

Gather data from your virtual display home.

Knowledge is power: every data can be useful to your business.

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