Breaking the Barriers of Reality

Absolute VR is transforming and improving processes across a variety of industries through virtual reality technology.

Absolute VR initially launched into the residential homes market, replacing having to physically visit display homes with an alternative which provides a multitude of benefits to both builders and buyers of new home.

From there the company expanded into the off-plan apartments, commercial property and land sales markets, but also safety, inductions and training applications via a network effect.

Our Mission is...

Our mission is to help people discover, learn and enjoy, in a way that is efficient, natural and absolute.

Our Vission is...

We want to change the way people discover, learn and enjoy, in the most natural and efficient way possible, through experiences they would not have access to because of life’s limitations, safety or convenience.

We are Geeks!

We don’t just love technology, we know how to use it, helping our partners to become strategically innovative, stay relevant and thrive in a rapidly advancing technological society.

We work with honesty and integrity to help our partners understand and implement the most cutting edge tech, focusing on commercial adoption in order to improve current business services and processes, as well as plan for the future.

We make experiences possible which are usually only imaginable, overcoming barriers of existence, convenience or safety, allowing people to learn, discover and enjoy experiences in a more natural way.

Our Team...

Trent comes from a strong Project Management background and .Net technologies. He has a real gift for being able to take the most complex problems into  amazing innovative solutions.


Founder and CTO

Daniel has a strong property and entrepreneurial background, with studies in property development, experience in real estate, new home construction and E-commerce.


Founder and MD

Liam has a brain the size of a planet! He is a Software Engineer in VR and AR, and has worked at the IBM Perth Australian Development Laboratory (ADL) and SaaS-based Application Performance Monitoring.


Project Manager

A licensed architect with over seven years of professional experience. Serban prides himself on delivery of the highest quality virtual reality environments with a high level of detail and renders.

Serban Zacharias

Lead 3D Creator

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