But Wait... There is More!

The possibilities truly are endless!
As we expand our capabilities, new sectors and opportunities keep on surfacing, where virtual reality can make a huge difference to the way businesses operated in the past…

Remote Meetings

To make appointments easier, we can place multiple people in seperate locations together in a virtual environment. For construction this can be implemented during the design process, during the sales process or during the after-sales process to help a client with fitout, furnishing or finishing selections.
These meetings mean that there is no longer travel required to bring people face to face. In the sales process, we have created a mobile service which facilitates taking the equipment to a clients home, either on an hourly rate or rental basis, to allow you to be in the home with your client wherever they may be.

Virtual Showrooms

We create a room/building (however you would like it to look) to showcase your range of products and finishings. These can be made interactable in the form of scroll throughs if needed, as well as linked to an online purchasing process.
For the residential construction process, changing items in the virtual home or showroom can sync to one another within a client profile, meaning changing a tap in the showroom will update the taps in the client’s virtual home and vice versa. This allows visualization and being able to experiment with different finishing items.

Virtual Retail Shop

Virtual shopping allows for more locations with less capital expense and less space. With the ability to complete a purchase, this creates an opportinity for shopping centres to lease more space than the square metres would usually allow. In addition, our artificial intelligence can help a buyer on their shopping journey to identify products that they want and need, as well as telling the seller more information about what that buyer is looking for.

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